Monday, January 9

3 days straight

Yep you guessed it, my weekend has consisted of lining up to mash heads, Tebow prayers, and dog piles. Isn't it so true, we do great things for the ones we love, and then they have to pay us back. Ohhh lets say by watching a few chick flicks that have been on my list for a while. Take a little, give a little. Although, I think you would be delighted to hear that I rooted for Alabama (rolll tideee), the Broncos (duh, we met them in Denver this summer) and the Saints (have you seen Drew Brees's little boy in those Nyquil commercials?). If you don't know the significance of me rooting for them... well you see, all those teams were the winners! I think they should pay me to be their good luck charm. But they have to have good sportsmanship to get me to go for them. That's what kase loves about how I pick who I go for. (I guess if I've met them and if they have cute kids then, that'll work too) Happy "get ready for the Super Bowl". Aka.. party to celebrate the end of the madness. What, I didn't say that. :)


  1. haha...oh amber! you are hilarious :) us wives just love having the hubby owe us a good chick flick date night

  2. hahahahaha.............. remember how you are my fae. cause you are.

  3. Your a good wife.. I just put in my ear phones and watch netflix ;) Not a huge fan of football haha