Tuesday, January 31

THE food adventure

As promised, the food adventure. It all happened at a place called Big Jud's, if that doesn't say it all then take a looksy.
Maybe this doesn't do "the Big Jud" justice, but let me tell you, it was large and in charge! If they ate it all, bun and meat, then they got their picture on the wall. The boys were determined. They said that when their sons come to school here some day, they will get to see their dad's on the wall. Here we go.

We went with our great friends Jesse and Michele (they are the ones that went on the cruise with us). The boys, ready to tackle the burger. 

At this point, I can not stop laughing and the boys are starting to have a harder time.

He is staying focused.

Last fourth of the burger, they had to cut it up into fourths and eat it like a pizza. So sick. I know, I guess it was on their bucket list. 

Last bite. Look at that face. Pure anger? I guess he was ferociously excited to be finished. I must say, he did a great job. 

If he didn't have a food belly after this I would have been concerned. Wow. Now we will take a look at Jesse's adventure. His was... different than Kasey's. 

Aren't all of his pictures just priceless. For his last bite, as you can see, he shoved an oversized portion in his mouth and actually had it in their for quite sometime. He said his esophagus would close up every time he tried to swallow! Michele went to touch him and encourage him and he piped back, "Don't touch me" which in turn had all of us rollin'.  We were lovin' all of the things he kept saying, and the fact that he had to get up, walk around, and stretch before the last piece. Some quotes never to be forgotten by Jesse McLean:
"This is like birth but in reverse" 
{maybe that is why he didn't want Michele to touch him, now one day , I guess, he will understand}

Towards the beginning of the burger eating fest I said to them both, 
"You're never going to want a burger again"
which he promptly comes back with, "I'm going to have a Big Mac for breakfast"
This kid, I tell ya what, so witty. Never a dull moment.

Jesse's face says it all. 

Proof that the lady took the picture of them to go up on the wall, to reside forever {hopefully} so their sons can one day see the picture and take on the challenge.

Saturday, January 28

my birthday wish list



Well this is sure more confusing than intended. I still have a bit to learn on a numbered wish list. 
(so if you have any advice, greatly appreciated)
As you all know I already received the greatest gift ever.. the incredibly bosch... I've gained 10 pounds from having it because of the cookies and zucchini bread that have been made with all its majesty. 
So this here list is just little things that would be great from the Mr. Sir, and if I don't get any from him, I will still love him so much but I might just go buy them for myself. 
They have no rhyme or reason aka the number 1. spot is not necessarily the number 1 thing that I would like. 
#1. The Brandon Flowers album. I am loving "Only the Young" song and many others. Nienie shared this link on her blog and I wanted to share it here to because I want you to love him just as much as we do. (did I really just put Nienie and I in the word "we"? Cool)
#2. The all wonderful Bosch Blender. Member that one time that I love those green smoothies, well my very own black&decker blender broke down on me. Just gave up. So this past week has been filled empty of smoothy consumption.
#3. Stop thinking I am so lame to want measuring cups. I currently have two sets of measuring cups and only one 1 cup and one 1/2 cup and well its just annoying. So I would like a fresh start with measuring cups. We both deserve it.
#4. Who doesn't love to kick back and relax in the bath tub. Either watching a movie or reading a book. Well that is kind of hard to do when your spine is rubbing against the already small tub. So to make my bath time more enjoyable, this is a need.
#5. Mrs. Stephanie (nienie dialogues blog) Nielson. If you don't know who she is you must look her up and find out her incredible story. This here book goes more into depth on her life and experiences. What an inspiration, she can always turn my frown upside down! The book is only available for pre-order right now, but comes out in April! 
#6. Cece is equipped with the capability to plug this here auxiliary cord into the dash and listen to my ipod or pandora. I bet you all have cars that can do that, so you're cool and most likely already have one of these. Me on the other hand, well that is why it's on my wish list. 

There you have it. Even though my birthday isn't until next month, I thought I would give Mr. Sir a heads up, just in case. Happy wintery Saturday. 

Oh P.S. we had quite the food adventure last night so stay tuned for that and we saw New Years Eve. Not sure how much the mr. liked it but I quite enjoyed it. Laughed, cried, and decided to go to New York next year for new years! (we'll see if that happens, cross your fingers for me)

Friday, January 27

encourage me

So I have been collecting frames for a while now, in hopes to do a frame wall (like unto the pictures below). It hasn't happened yet. I am thinking today will be that day. I will take all the encouragement I get from you and do it. So hurry, get me motivated and if you live by me, get over here and make the decisions I have been avoiding making. Thank you.

(courtesy of pinterest)

(courtesy of pinterest)

Wednesday, January 25

a delightful sight

Meet Raylee Brikelle Hatch, our niece. Also happens to be one of the funniest, cutest, 16 year olds. that is really only 4. She loves to sing and dance and the other day she and Mr. did a little ditty together. I wish I could remember what she called the ukulele, because it sounded nothing like ukulele. So cute. We are so lucky to live so close to my sister and her family, they are only 1 hour and 15 minutes away, though at times their house seems so far away. We love you guys and hope you remember this moment.


Tuesday, January 24


Here is my new go-to meal. I love it so very much, keeps me full, has no dairy in it, so healthy, all kinds of yummy, and easy! My mom has got me on the new kick of green smoothies, they are not always green per-say, sometimes purple, puke green, or orange-ish, but always delish. Be brave and do it. This one here has water, frozen banana strawberry and blueberry, orange juice concentrate, and spinach (two big handfuls). You can do whatever your little pee pickin' heart desires, and you can even add things into it like flax seed. We are talking healthy people. If Mr. likes them, then so will you. Enjoy!

Monday, January 23

the weekend of bliss

When hearing the words "in-laws", you may think some bad thoughts (maybe, shoot am I stereotyping?), but for me only wonderful thoughts come to mind. My second mom and dad, aka in-laws, came into town this weekend. It was so enjoyable and it was something so fun to look forward to all week. They surprised me with an early birthday present and Kasey, being the wonderful guy that he is, let his birthday money go towards my present. I am just going to tell you what it is now because I am sure the suspense is killing you, I got a Bosch. Am I dreaming? Oh I am just so happy and I had to tell the whole world. Is your soul now filled with bliss, mine clearly is.

When they told me they were going to get me one I became like unto a small 7 year, giddy. They said that they searched everywhere for a store to buy one but couldn't find one and had resorted to just buying it online and having it sent to my doorstep. Low and behold, little ole Rexy has a basics living store and they sell Bosch's. So no waiting was necessary, I got it same day of purchase (waiting for that to come to my door step would have been utter torture. I mean, I totally would have been calm and patient...). So take a look at the beauty herself. Well okay, lets be honest, her beauty comes from within (that motor), she is not as glamorous as the Kitchen aide model. Sweet spirit?

Mr. and I already miss them being here, but we are so thankful they drove all the way to see us for a short 2 days. Not only did we get the Bosch but we also got to eat out twice this weekend. We love them so much and appreciate all that they do for us. They make our lives easier.

The first thing I made with my Bosch was cookies, of course. Not to toot my own horn but they are delicious and I cant stop eating them...I blame it on the love machine. It's magical.

Oh, how could I forget, the racquetball game. Kasey was talking some mad trash to his dad, and in the end, "Guess the old man's still got it". What an active dad, maybe one day Kase will beat him in the game or wrestling. If you are wondering, the did come out sweating and bruised up. Of course they loved every minute. 

Sunday, January 22

his day of birth

Bunny ears, are we 5?

Everyone blows out fake candles now, because their wishes come true for sure. Try it. You're not cool unless you pretend you have candles and then "blow them out".

Is it just my family that does this? Man alive he is a good sport. I got him pretty good, I fear my birthday next month.

As you know, we began the wonderful day with some leggo my eggo's and peanut butter (homemade syrup was clearly involved) and then we had to part, I to work and he to trudge in the 40 mph wind at school. But then we re-united at 12:45 for some delicious subway flatbread sandwiches and then I pre-made the requested lasagna so we could still make it to the gym. Hard core. Then, parted again, met up at the gym and had dinner together around 7:15. Now for his very favorite part, funfetti cake and ice cream. We went to my parents house and all of the kids that live here in Idaho came and supported. Love them. On his birthday we just did family stuff, but the night before we went to Buffalo Wild Wings with 10 of our wonderful friends! We stuffed our faces with .40 cent wings, side-note, kase at 30. Woah buddy. They brought him cake and ice cream and the DJ announced his birthday to the whole restaurant. High rollers. We have sure had fun this past week.

By the way, let me tell you a family tradition that I grew-up with on birthdays. #1. Not allowed to clean at all. #2. You get whatever dinner and dessert you want. #3. You pretty much just get pampered (this day does only comes once a year) and #4. Not allowed to clean at all. So you see, it was THE best day when your birthday landed on a a Saturday. No chores.

Now, story time. Kasey, he didn't follow #1 and wasn't the bestest in the world at #3 (nor #4). I mean, come on Mr. let me do the dishes and laundry by myself ONE DAY A YEAR. The little turd, excuse my french. I was on my lunch break and he tries to help make the lasagna, then unload the dishwasher, then clean off the counters, and here is the kicker, he waited until I left for work, after lunch break, and he switched over the laundry. Oh ya and he made the bed! Turd, to say the least. He needs to learn these rules better. We will spend the next 365 day rehearsing and preparing for next year. What a wonderful man I have who, even on his birthday, never ceases to serve and care for me. I love him so much and couldn't have asked for someone more special in my life. May your 24th year be everything you ever dreamed of and wished for. I love you.


Saturday, January 21

first timer in seattle (that's me)

Kase didn't love (nor did he like at all) the gum wall. I think it was a must see and it brought so much color into our life! 

My father-in-law literally got down on his back to get this shot. What a man.

I was so disappointed when I took this shot because it was completely washed out on my camera. Photoshop, you are amazing. All I had to do was put an "antique" color on it and now BAM, does it or does it not look like olden day seattle. Oh I absolutely love it. My definite fave shot of the day.

Patience is a virtue. Yes, believe it or not I was patient and just so happens it paid off. The only two days I would have wanted to eat at this specific place would have been Friday or Sunday. Real quick, does any one loose track of what day it is while traveling? You bet your bottom dollar I do. So I walked into this cute quant shop and said, "What day is it"? Only to hear the most heavenly words.."Friday"!  I mean, come on, it is only my very favorite kind of soup on this earth.  Oh it was bliss in a bread bowl (the bread bowl making it even more of a blissful time). See below, pure bliss. To us both. After I couldn't finish it all, Kase went to town. Can you tell?

Thank you mom and dad Hendricks! We thoroughly enjoyed our vacation with you and the wonderful sites in Seattle. Although, I am (beyond words) ecstatic that we weren't there for the mounds of snow they just got. There wasn't even a drop of rain while we were there. l.u.c.k.y. I think Seattle wants me to like him (him?), and for my first taste, it wasn't too shabby.