Tuesday, December 6

metal detector

We finally did it. Well Addison, our brother-in-law, did. He went and rented it for us and said, "meet me at mom and dads in 20 minutes". So we went and I searched with them for a little while, then it got frigidly cold so I went into the warmth, clearly. I made them some hot coca and I expected them to come running in with wonderful tales of how they found the ring and then I would present the hot coca and it would be magical. 
That didn't happen.
Although, they did have some "tales"to tell. They found 2 stakes (one pictured above) a bobby pin (of course) 2 bolts and something unknown. It was large and would have ripped up lots of dads grass, so they left it, unknown. 

Well he got a sweet deal and found a ring (the one he is wearing in the above picture) for $12. Ebay baby. 


  1. Sad day. Must have raked it up with the leaves! :(

  2. o Amber. I'm sooo sorry haha. good story tho! love ya girl