Wednesday, December 14

'tis the season

We did it. We went to Salt Lake City and saw the gorgeous temple lights. It was both mine and Mr.s first time and the experience was exquisite to say the least. Pictured with us are Kayli and Kirk, you see, kayli (aka big b) and I went to school together in Arizona from the time we were junior high punks until I moved to Idaho the summer before my senior year. This was the first time we'd seen each other since then. Now you may understand why it was so exquisite. We got to meet each others other half and we ate at the blissful Stoneground, a personal fave for their tomato basil soup. (If you know me you know I will always order this off the menu.) Also, this here Kirk was incredible at finding lost "items" such as mittens, beanies, and believe this one, tree shaped green frosted sugar cookies. Yes cookies, there were two just sitting there and after an hour of temple light gazing we couldn't wait to see if someone snagged them.. to all of our dismay (except big b, she guessed it) only one was left. We had quite the laugh. As Michael Buble would say on his christmas album
"have a very merry christmas"

me and my sleeping bag, gotta love being warm

Sunday, December 11

"its piping hot"

This is one of the better feelings in the world. I love when the Mr. sir gets the clothes or towels out of the dryer and just comes right over and plops them right on top of me, as he proceeds to fold them while I sit in the blissfully comfortable warmth. What a dreamy man I have. Does this not remind you of Kramer from Seinfeld. Oh I love that episode. If you haven't seen it watch it here!

Tuesday, December 6

metal detector

We finally did it. Well Addison, our brother-in-law, did. He went and rented it for us and said, "meet me at mom and dads in 20 minutes". So we went and I searched with them for a little while, then it got frigidly cold so I went into the warmth, clearly. I made them some hot coca and I expected them to come running in with wonderful tales of how they found the ring and then I would present the hot coca and it would be magical. 
That didn't happen.
Although, they did have some "tales"to tell. They found 2 stakes (one pictured above) a bobby pin (of course) 2 bolts and something unknown. It was large and would have ripped up lots of dads grass, so they left it, unknown. 

Well he got a sweet deal and found a ring (the one he is wearing in the above picture) for $12. Ebay baby. 

Saturday, December 3


oh isn't thanksgiving blissful.
little man at the top ate more than all of us, and still has the smallest belly.