Saturday, November 12

mini date

Here we are. The only ones in the movie theater, wondering if we are even going to like the movie. Reassuring ourselves that we came early enough for it to be a matinĂ©e and we only spent $4. But, the last time we tried to watch it, the movie stopped after 10 minutes, and that particular time we had spent $15, and ended up getting 4 movie tickets. So, because of "this" movie we were re-paid and given 2 free tickets. We felt we owed "it". We did rotten tomatoes it and it got an 84%. So here we sit. Wondering. Contagion was the movie. I feel it would have bee worth $1 at redbox. But it was fun to go with the Mr. Sir. He makes everything great. 

Saturday, November 5

the rose

This rose was from the Mr. Sir. He sure knows how to make me smile. It came with a love note. Not only was this so very cute of him to do but look how beautiful it is. Just the perfect color for me. I would also like you to note the mason jar it is in... we have 3 vases. Makes it that much more meaningful. LTH

while doing a service

What a wonderful picture of our hands. I am sure that is what you are all thinking.
Well it is not to show our interlocked love, but rather to tell a story.
{keep and eye on HIS ring}
Just last night, we went to my parents house and while there my cute dad was raking the leaves all by himself. So Mr. Sir decided to go out and help, rather serve. While doing so, his over sized ring, slipped off that cute hand and was eaten by the grass. We had about 12 people out on their hands and knees, we even whipped out the flashlights to find it. Needless to say, the grass won. He is still ringless. My heart hurt just a tad, still does. Not because of the money spent but rather the meaning it had/has. We exchanged them on our wedding day and in an instant, its gone. We are still deciding on renting a metal detector. Wouldn't that be fun. Especially since there is now snow covering the ground.