Sunday, October 2


Opinion Time.
Today while I was checking my Pintrest, I came across this and it got me thinking. So before believing everything I read on the internet, I researched it. For over and hour and I think I am a believer. I feel like it makes sense and I am to the point where I want a blemish free face so why not try it. This is where YOU come in. I want your opinion and if you are not convinced I want you to also read here. Guys, I think I am pretty sold. But, if you have more insight please do share with me. [p.s. sorry it has been centuries since I have posted}. LTH
essential oils


  1. I say go for it! Maybe I'm crazy but I love all things "natural"- there is a book called "No more Dirty Looks" it talks about the bad stuff in facial cleansers and solutions for the face...great book! Love ya

  2. it was so fun running into you at Broulim's this weekend. Your blog is darling and i'm totally intrigued by this new cleanser idea.. keep us updated as you try it!


  3. I'm going to try it with you! It makes my heart sing because I feel like it makes sense! Why didn't I think of it before? Let me know how it works for you.

    -Madeline Mele