Monday, August 1

bliss times 2


Two things brought bliss to my soul today
1.) The foot massage that my dear Mr. Khen just gave me
2.) That delicious, red, juicy raspberry homemade jam I just made with my momma tonight.
That was a first of many. I need a raspberry bush now. Fact.


  1. first things first.... Love the outfit. the jam.I totally recognize the backdrop used for the pic and thoughts came to my head of another craft day so that we can complete some crafts! hahaha. and finally...i can't wait to see a post with you wearing 'stripped beauty'. :)
    love ya fae!

  2. That raspberry jam looks delicious! Was it hard to make?

  3. If we lived closer we could hook you up with the raspberry bush! We started with three and now have a ton. We don't get enough to can though. Joci and Holden go out every day and clean the bushes out!

    Miss you guys!