Saturday, July 30

on a roll

Look at us go. I say us because my Mr. man is the one that took these and I was thinking in both of these while he just snapped the pics. You can't teach this kind of talent. Ok maybe you can, but he has never been taught. Therefore I consider this raw talent ladies and gents, raw talent. We can only improve from here. I thought you needed a better look at the shoes. Maybe my favorite purchase of my $100 shopping spree.

Friday, July 29

first timer


Ok so maybe this is my first time having the hub take pictures of me and getting caught by our neighbors having a photoshoot, but he's a natural. I just started moving and he started snappin. I asked him to be my coach and he said "babe, you're coaching yourself." I like him. Plus I learned how to make my very own button. Go ahead. Steal it. Grab it. Take it. Borrow it. Use it.

Love, the hendricks

Wednesday, July 20


This happened the other day,
I almost cried.
I was torn {even though it was $2.39 at ross}
because it matches a little glass teapot that I have.
Then I walked into the other room to put something away
and this was starring me in the face
We should always remember this!

love, the hendricks

Tuesday, July 19

I'm a Star

I was greeted by this today when I opened my email.
I am a Star, at buying "this and that" on ebay.
Lets be honest, you can almost ALWAYS find what you are looking for
and for a great price!
love, the hendricks

Sunday, July 17

Friday-SUNday {what a great weekend}

{this is from almost one year ago}
What a fun weekend we had!
Friday night we went out and shot
"clay pigeons"
with some friends from the ward.
Well, let me rephrase that, the boys did that fun activity
while the girls chatted. Nothing like some great girl chat!
Although, I did shoot a 22 pistol hand gun
{yes I just asked Kasey what it was called}.

We ended the night with smores and
a putting out of the fire like unto
"Are you afraid of the dark".
{does anyone remember that show?}

Then saturday came and we started the morning out by me making a deal with Kase.
Me: "I will make you banana bread if you will go weed the garden?"
Him: "Ok. Ya thats a great deal"
Me: {in my head} "Score! I don't have to worry about spiders!

He arrived home to banana bread...
that didn't turn out.
I am never going to get out of pulling weeds again!

Then we went on a hike to "R" mountain.
Harder than expected, fun, hot, and we even saw a guy from across the valley shining a light to us! *Side note* my bum was sore this morning!
That night we went to Texas Road House and had a blast with another couple!

Finally, we get to SUNNYday!
The sun was ever so hot all day,
Melanie Radford had her little baby girl,
and my kaster was called to be the 2nd counselor in the Bishopric.

I am so proud of him and I think the world of him!
He is such an amazing husband that is always working so hard in
taking care of me {and that can be challenging}
preparing for our future
making sure I am happy
serving others
singing me to sleep
massaging my back
my neck
my feet
well as you can see he does a great deal for me!
I love him so much and I love when we have great weekends like this!
love, the hendricks

Friday, July 15

time for a stroll.

Last night kasey and I had a first.
A walk around town.
With our camera.
look who took all the photos

This dog and Kasey didn't make friends.
Lets talk about these flowers and the fact that I
a.) love them and
b.) want them in my yard someday.
you might be wondering what this is.
its our garden.
infested with weeds.
We were out walking so long this is what it looked like when we finally arrived home, blisters on feet {i wore the wrong shoes} and ready for bed.
This is the creature that is blocking us from getting into our apt complex..
love, the hendricks