Monday, June 27

Just had to.

Craved it.
Made it.
Ate it.
Had to do it.

Thanksgiving visited our house today,
and it was ever so scrumptious.
Simply said, we just had to.
I love that Kase and I are one, because that means we think the same,
all the way down to the foods we crave.

Love, the Hendricks

Wednesday, June 22

Hello world.

Here we are,
still living,
just ever so busy and
of course, HAVING FUN.

Just had to share our meal that we consumed last night.

Yes. Quinoa.

We are trying to be healthier people,
and I have had this quinoa for quite sometime now
trying to find a delish meal to make.

found it.
Even Kasey liked it.

Love, the Hendricks

Thursday, June 2

Blast from the past {aka catch-up)

I may be a slacker,
so that is why today is catch-up day.
Yes we are going to date back to January.
I am just that good.

The first blast is Kasey's Birthday
January 18th 2011.

The second blast will be my birthday
February 17th 2011.
{I got to share this day with my sister
who was getting married the next day!}
These pictures were all taken the day before and day after
my birthday.
above: all the sisters minus the twins
Above: all the sisters + momma + Kensi's mom-in-law

Blast number 3 is a big one
Valentines day!!
This was what I woke up to that beautiful morn.
He made hearts out of my fav fav breakfast! French toast!
and then he made me one of these {see below picture}
{coupon booklet! Massages her I come!}

Then we did this.
And this.
Finally we watched this
While doing this.
Needless to say, we had a marvelous eve!

Now we are on to blast 4.
This one was a blast, Easter!
There were too many cute easter eggs,
I just had to show you the creativeness!
{Mr. Sports man. Yes he was so proud he got the football brown....
he is colorblind. :) }
The whole gang.
Finally, the last blast!
It is a good one.
Kasey's trip to Nicaragua.
He had so much fun and did you see,
he did an anesthesia shot!
What a man.

This trip was so great for him because
he finally got a firm answer that
this is what he really wants to do.
He was able to put away the books,
roll up his sleeves,
and get to work!

Sorry it took so long to get all of this up...
but at least I did it right?

Love, the Hendricks