Friday, May 6

Welcome back to ME {yes i still think about you blog}

It has taken me two days to even think about doing this post
and another two to finish this post and I must continue.
So much has happened since I last blogged.
We went on our cruise, Kyle and Katie got married,
I had surgery {duh}, we went to vegas and a beautiful beach in California,
Kasey is CURRENTLY in Nicaragua {while I have a "mustache dressing" on},
and life is still great... now that the Rexburg sun has started to shine!

I suppose I should take this one step at a time.
What shall we start with first? How about the surgery.
Well, I am on day 4 of recovery and I was thinking I would be getting better by now, wrong.
I feel that each day just gets worse because
I can't eat {well dont like to cause I cant taste}
I can't sleep {since my nose is, out of order I get to breath through my mouth. No I think it should be phrased I HAVE to breath through my mouth because I would really rather not. My throat aches because of breathing through my mouth I'm sure but also they had to put a breathing tube down my throat while I was in surgery and I am sure that I am feeling that now. --there is a story that goes with this, dont let me forget it--}
I can't watch too many movies because then my head hurts
and well the list goes on but no need to keep dragging on the bad.
I bet you are all dying to see what I look like... Which is so sad because it is bad.
Ok, well here goes nothing.
DISCLAIMER: I am not proud of any of these pics and mostly feel ashamed so keep the laughter to a minimal. Gracias.
This is how I feel
{for grandparents and others that have never seen this, these photos were taken by my computer and morphed my face. I dont REALLY look like this. I just feel like this!}

But this is me, this is how I really look. I can't smile, thats why you get the face present.
How about that mustache dressing eh? Really adds a nice touch to my look.
Those were me on day 2.

Now lets give the whole story {with pictures} at the hospital.
I got there on Tuesday May 3rd at about 12:45 pm to get started.
They took me to my own little room,
gave me the coolest gown ever!!!
{It had a plug to a vacuum that blew hot or cold air into the gown to make me the perfect temperature. They do things like this to make you think that they are going to treat you well....}

Then I had to wait. Kasey and my mom were both there and we just chatted, Kasey got one last good look at my nose to make sure he would be able to tell if, after this is all done, my nose shape changed. What a hub! They came in and got the IV all done and then right about 2:00 they wheeled me in. This is where it starts to get a little fuzzy. I guess the procedure lasted about an hour and then I had to go to a recovery room to wake up and such before going back into the cute little room that kasey and my mom were waiting in.

Doralee was taking care of me in the recovery room, I think I asked her what her name was a dozen times and I kept asking to shake everyones hands that worked on me. I told her I had a niece named Raylee, who knows how cool she thought that was. I asked her if I tooted? Ha. Sorry this is all just splattered together I am just trying to remember the things that were said in that room with Doralee and me :) She told me that my tongue was probably going to hurt because as the Dr.s were trying to take that darn breathing tube out I bit down, and locked onto it. They had to give me some relaxing meds in my IV to make me let go. Now that, I have no recollection of, I was told that. But boy oh boy am I feeling the pain of it. They said if they would have just kept pulling, they would have pulled teeth out! Yikes..

Here is a picture of me, that I don't even remember being taken, right when I got back to my room from the recovery room. As you can see, still out of it.
And again, a goner.
I did it. I woke up! Also I am done with surgery, who knew the recovery would be
the death of me.... But on a good note, Jenny {my nurse} treated me so wonderful and got me everything I asked for. I could barely eat so Kasey ended up getting all the goods. {my popsicles, my orange dream shake, my moms BLT... one lucky man!}
I was ever so sad to part with this bed, but this was 6 hours later, finally left the hospital at about 7:00 pm. I really liked that bed, but then she told me I got to be wheeled out in a wheel chair and somehow that made things all better. See, they do these things to ya, butter ya up when they know you are going to be in a world of pain.

I don't remember taking this picture below, but it does a great job showing what I have been dealing with 24/7. Blood from nose. Sick.
Me, in pain. Hating this more than anything else thats ever happened to me.
I have decided I would rather be out of my mind busy doing things for others than being able to chill, watch movies, and be slaved upon while feeling like this.
Im sure you'd all agree.
Look, its me today! I just took this picture! I can actually do a little evil grin smile thing.
But this is my new creation I just came up with because I was a little sick of the
mustache dressing. I finally showered, but got too tired to brush my hair, so I just pulled it back. Holy moly, I thought it was 5 pm, it is only 11:51 am!
So visitors, come on down!
As you all know, Mr. Hendricks is still in Nicaragua and I got an email from him last night. He is doing great and enjoying this experience ever so much. He loves that Spencer is there with him and Kase said that if it were to be done today, he's still think it was worth the trip. But you know how boys are, no details. So hopefully I will get more scoop tonight in my next email. This no communicating 24/7 thing is cute, because I so greatly look forward to his emails!

Love, The Hendricks
{wherever and however we may be}


  1. I LOVE your new creation! How is it possible that you have all that stuff on your face and you still look GORGEOUS! It's sickening really.. Hope you get feeling better soon girlie!
    Much love

  2. You are to cute! Your posts always make me laugh. You're adorable in every way. I have seen people go through that same surgery with not as much grace and beauty as you have. What a trooper! I love all of you :)