Thursday, May 12

may I have you forever?....{sneak preview}

Two things I am referring to when I say that
{no Kasey is not one of them because I already get him forever!}
But those wonderful, marvelous, fulfilling, joy bringing things are:

This weather!

#1. I just have been wanting to get that old, rounded edges picture look for a while, and then I started seeing it done everywhere! Then, I became determined. So I got online, and downloaded a trial version and I now feel the need to own it. I know that is their plan from the beginning. Hook, line, and sinker.

#2. This weather here in the 'burg was gorgeous yesterday,
that is why I went and did a landscape photo shoot,
{I like to pretend Im a photographer}.

Here is a sneak preview
a whoppin' 2 pics
of my picture adventures of yesterday!

Before shot

after shot

There are plenty more to come.
So stay tuned....
Ta, ta

Love, the Hendricks

1 comment:

  1. Amber!! You should practice on couples.. like me and Jake. cause we could always use more pictures.. haha very cute!