Sunday, May 15

The Landscape Photoshoot {finally}

Here is the shoot.
I am no pro,
so don't get your hopes up.

Did you know I love volleyball?
That is why this last picture was taken!
Anywho, comments, thoughts, and inputs welcome!
Tell me your favorite{s}.
Oh, encouragement also welcome,
{I thrive off of it}.

Thanks for checkin' this out,
and if you ask, I will tell you my favorite,
better yet.. can you guess?

Stay tuned.

Love, the Hendricks


  1. My wife is so good at everything!!!

  2. Oh and my favorite is the 2nd one down with the temple behind the tree. It reminds me of keeping the temple in our sites even though distractions are there. Its kinda like a trial picture. I think your favorite one is #4. cuz its my second fave.

  3. Ok, the hubs is naughty. He did not, I repeat, DID NOT make up that little analogy about the temple. I just told him that. For a further and better explanation, ask me. Oh kase. :)

  4. Seriously love both of you!!! Kase you make me laugh!!:) Ambs I think these were fabulous!! I love them!! Which one is your fave? Keep doing this and u will get better and better!!! Love you guys!!

  5. I LOVE the second one, but they are all gorgeous- great work!