Friday, May 27

judging: not permitted.

Ok, I used to be one to look at those pots
that were colored and think,
"that is just a fad, and its going to pass".

Today, I am that"fad".
Take a look, and the I will explain...

This next thing is what sold me!!!
#1. This ALL came in a set.
6 Pots
4 Lids
a spoon
a spatula
and that beautiful casserole stone dish

#2. Teflon bottom, and has Paula Deans name on it all.
Meaning its legit right? Yes. :)

#3. $99.
Kase and I have never
purchased any pots while being married.

#4. This is my absolute FAV color.

#5. The casserole dish

#6. I like them.
They are cute.
NO judging.
It was the last set
{at my walmart... oops now you know where I got them}
and I couldn't part with them.

Did I justify myself enough?

I brought them home without Kasey knowing and I felt bad.
I called him twice while at the store but he didn't answer,
and I needed it.
{remember: it was the last one}
So, I kept the receipt, and let it sit on the counter for a week!
Unwrapped, untouched, and just waiting it out to make sure he was ok with it.

I opened it today.
Love him!

Love, the Hendricks


  1. I didn't know you had a blog until I saw the link on Miranda's. You two doing well? Geoff and Alayna have those same pans in the same color. I think it is Alayna's favorite color also. Don't want to give you any ideas but the kitchen aid mixer comes in the same color. We are sad we won't see you at the family reunion.
    Happy cooking!

  2. Um ADORABLE! and I'd say $99 is a steal of a deal. I'm Impressed girl..

  3. ADORABLE set! So so so so cute! And it goes with all the blue your doing in your apt now! :) Reason #7 why you needed them ;)