Tuesday, May 10

I think I can, I think I can {longest post you'll ever read}

It has taken me quite a few weeks
to build up the courage,
to share our Cruise, Vegas, and Californ-I-A escape!

There was so much that happened,
so many beautiful pictures were taken,
many phrases were captured and written down,
much food was eaten,
many games of monopoly deal were played,
laughter was a given,
pictures were snapped at every turn,
and hopes and dreams of a return were born.

So, I sit here and say to myself,
{I think I can, I think I can}....
document this wonderful vacation.
I think.

Michele and I went crazy with the picture taking,
but it just had to happen.
Sit back, relax,
and indulge on our wonderful trip!
It will feel like you were right there with us.

Before we started on our trek to California,
we stayed a couple nights in SLC for our wonderful friends
Kyle and Katie Christensen's
beautiful, gorgeous, and fun wedding!
We also got to see Mom and Dad Hendricks and Kurt and Elise,
and go to our nephews 1st birthday party!
The beautiful couple! Congrats again!

Mom and Dad Hendricks
{this was Jack on his blessing day, he is now 1!}

Elise, Kurt, and Jack! Seriously the best birthday party I have ever seen!
Great job Elise!

As we started to head to California,
we had to stop in and pay a little visit to VEGAS.
Jesse and Kasey had never been and
Michele and I agreed that they
may never go again.

The boy and girl at the Mirage

The fake Eiffel Tower.
{I've been to the real one so I didn't mind that this one was a fake}

After that pit stop,
we were off to Cali,
for our wonderful Cruise.

Walking onto the ship!!

First stop, Catalina Island, California.

Palm trees are beautiful, because they are in warm places.
As you can tell, that day wasn't so warm, to me.

We took a golf cart around Catalina and here is a view from the top!
It is a cute little Island, 3 hours was long enough to see it all.

A view from the boat ride that takes us to the ship, we saw dolphins on this little ride.
I like how the houses are built up, makes it have a Greece feel.

Just a fun door in Catalina.

I saw this chair, and fell in love with it. Clearly I had to take a picture.

You cant go wrong in taking a picture of a flower when it looks like this!

I saw this ensemble and loved it.

Then, put us in it and, picture perfect.

Second stop, Ensenada, Mexico!

The first thing we did when we got to Ensenada was
take a little excursion to see the "blow hole",
better known as La Bufadora.

Bus ride, headed to La Bufadora.

The view driving to La Bufadora.

The blow hole! Although, it never blew...

Everyone still having high hopes of something.
It never happened.

We are ready to go bargain.

This is the flea market where we got our ponchos and all other purchases.

With the purchase of our trip to La Bufadora we got a
free mexican boo-fet {buffet} that is how our tour guide said it 15 times.
I laughed every time. This is where the boo-fet was.

Jesse or Michele happened to capture Kase and I strollin' the streets of Ensenada, Mexico.
So thank you for that!

Twiners with our shades, cokes, pursed, and newly purchased ponchos!
{in which we did a great job of bargaining and got them for 10$ each}

Now this. This episode of pictures is quite the story.
{read the story and then click on the picture to enlarge, it will all make sense}
We had just purchased our cokes at the little store behind us and
Right as we walked out {that guy} asked us if we got what we needed, we just shrugged andtried to continue on to our shopping. Well, he says let me show you something, as he is taking kase and my cokes out of our hands. He then proceeds to flip one upside down {so the lids are touching each other} and begins to remove the lid of the upper coke!!! Needless to say, it sprays everywhere and boom, half of my coke gone, while Kasey says, "Whad'ja do that for?". **funny thing is it sprayed all over "that guy"** He then, hurriedly and drunkenly, runs into the store to get us a new one. Runs out, in the same manner previously described, only to give it to Jesse and Michele. He soon figures out, by the looks given, that it was us not them that he needs to give cokes to. He offers Kasey some "goods" {which are declined by disgust that he's even ask} and then ends with me asking if he put something in my drink.
It was one of the funniest things that happened on our trip and may have been an event that you "needed to be there for" but thought I would still share!

These next couple of pictures are just funny things in Mexico that we saw

A kiwi chair!

Very cool walls in Mexico

As you already know, we loved the mexi cokes!

Oh these precious little lions! We saw them twice but you had to pay 25 bucks
to even touch them. So we just took pictures instead.
I was surprised that we didn'thave to pay for that!

Now it is time to show you some pictures from the actual ship.
Because we did spend most of our time on Paradise,
no really, that was the ships name.

Look how pretty. Every dish we had was put together in some manner like unto this.
Pretty. see look....
And these were our wonderful servers that served us dinner ever night.
Tom and Jerry. aka Fredrich and Rustem.
The big boy next to me is Jesse and he belongs with the beauty on the other side Michele.
The couple next to Michele are Steven and Rachel, they were on their honeymoon!

The food was soo tasty
{as shown previously},
and there was great entertainment too.

The boys got too much sun...
but the girls, well we couldn't get enough!

Cool stools.

Seagulls were everywhere, I almost got pooped on!

Rachmad teaching us how to do towel animals.
One of the highlights of our trip. He's and amazing person,
and we were so happy to have met him. He has been working for Carnival for 14 years.
They leave their families for 7 months at a time.

Look what we learned. Elephant.
We also learned dog, dinosaur, bunny, and frog.
Thanks Rachmad.

These chairs were neat, and reminded me of Gilbert, Tigers.
{That is the High school I went to ha}

This was the table we had sushi at every night. The details impressed me.

Those four pictures above are my all time favorites that I took.
Random stuff, but the colors and everything are beautiful to me.

Great shot.
{photo courtesy of Jesse McLean}

Then it was time to say goodbye.
Both couples wrote notes to Rachmad,and made him an
animal kingdom of towels, thanking him for all he'd done.

Ok, now I know you are not going to believe me,
but the vacation is still not over!
It was never ending and we loved every minute.
We did SO much in one week!
Last stop, California beach, with Davey boy!

The boys went boogie boarding and tossed the football around,
while the girls sun bathed.

Well, while I sunbathed.
Michele got a little burnt {little is an understatement}.
But I couldn't get enough.

My skin drank it all up.
See what I mean, I just couldn't stop.
I did it for so long, the boys ended up joining!
{me, kase, and davey boy}

The beach in all its glory.
Now tell me, how cute is this?

Oh my goodness, I think we did it.
I kid you not though, this post took days to do.
Uploading pictures and organizing them takes a long time,
and as you can see I had quite a few.

Yes this was an overwhelming post to put together,
I guess that is what I get for procrastinating.
But, thank you to all those who stuck around and read
the whole thing. Props to ya!
{why am i writing a "thank you" speech?}

Well I hope you enjoyed our vacation,
not as much as us I am sure.
But I hope you felt like you were there!

Love, the Hendricks


  1. now i dont need to go on a cruse!
    looks like you guys has so much fun!

  2. Love the chair. Love the pictures. Love the food. Love that you got to go on a fabulous vacay. But I love most that you are home to hang out with me! :)