Sunday, May 22


We have all heard the saying
"something borrowed, something blue,
something old, something new"
But today I am not going to be talking in terms
of a wedding, rather just a different way to lead into
the something new category.
Here. We. Go.

Something borrowed,
{believe it or not, my wedding dress was borrowed,
I loved it so much and I wish it was my own}

Something blue,
{the sky last year in Boise. Kasey showing off his mad wakeboarding skills}

Something old,
{Really? Why did I post this picture. OLD is right!
This was before a california vacation back in 2007. Yep, had braces.
Oh and I still have those earrings, currently wearing them while doing this blog}

Something{s} new!
{Member when I told you I got stuff at
real deals
last week? Well now I will show you what I got,
and where I put it all!

The whole lot all together.

And now, this is where I put it all, well I actually haven't hung the blue picture
anywhere yet but everything else has a spot.

{Above the sink in the kitchen}

{on an end table next to the T.V.}
And here it is all together.
It had made our apartment feel like a home!
I love it so much, and I think Kaseter loves it as well.
It was so much fun to buy and decorate,
I feel like I was born to do it. :)

I still have to post about my crafts/DI re-vamps!
Stay tuned for that!

Love, the Hendricks

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  1. Amber! That is so stinkin cute! I love all of it!