Friday, May 27

judging: not permitted.

Ok, I used to be one to look at those pots
that were colored and think,
"that is just a fad, and its going to pass".

Today, I am that"fad".
Take a look, and the I will explain...

This next thing is what sold me!!!
#1. This ALL came in a set.
6 Pots
4 Lids
a spoon
a spatula
and that beautiful casserole stone dish

#2. Teflon bottom, and has Paula Deans name on it all.
Meaning its legit right? Yes. :)

#3. $99.
Kase and I have never
purchased any pots while being married.

#4. This is my absolute FAV color.

#5. The casserole dish

#6. I like them.
They are cute.
NO judging.
It was the last set
{at my walmart... oops now you know where I got them}
and I couldn't part with them.

Did I justify myself enough?

I brought them home without Kasey knowing and I felt bad.
I called him twice while at the store but he didn't answer,
and I needed it.
{remember: it was the last one}
So, I kept the receipt, and let it sit on the counter for a week!
Unwrapped, untouched, and just waiting it out to make sure he was ok with it.

I opened it today.
Love him!

Love, the Hendricks

Sunday, May 22


We have all heard the saying
"something borrowed, something blue,
something old, something new"
But today I am not going to be talking in terms
of a wedding, rather just a different way to lead into
the something new category.
Here. We. Go.

Something borrowed,
{believe it or not, my wedding dress was borrowed,
I loved it so much and I wish it was my own}

Something blue,
{the sky last year in Boise. Kasey showing off his mad wakeboarding skills}

Something old,
{Really? Why did I post this picture. OLD is right!
This was before a california vacation back in 2007. Yep, had braces.
Oh and I still have those earrings, currently wearing them while doing this blog}

Something{s} new!
{Member when I told you I got stuff at
real deals
last week? Well now I will show you what I got,
and where I put it all!

The whole lot all together.

And now, this is where I put it all, well I actually haven't hung the blue picture
anywhere yet but everything else has a spot.

{Above the sink in the kitchen}

{on an end table next to the T.V.}
And here it is all together.
It had made our apartment feel like a home!
I love it so much, and I think Kaseter loves it as well.
It was so much fun to buy and decorate,
I feel like I was born to do it. :)

I still have to post about my crafts/DI re-vamps!
Stay tuned for that!

Love, the Hendricks

Tuesday, May 17

New Obsession

Ok, new obsessions are:
Crockpots {they are heavenly, they do all the work for you}
Salsa {freshly made with this recipe}.
It is wonderful, everyone thinks I am so amazing,
but its so easy!!
Try it out and let me know how you like it!
{extra cilantro is always the answer}

Love, the Hendricks

Sunday, May 15

Projects for Friday {with Mac Rae}

Who is Mac Rae?
Let me tell you,
she is one of my very favorite people and
she helped me do my first DI shop for projects.
Check her out here.
You are gunna like her.
Just like I do.

We went to DI on friday,
garage sales on saturday,
and will finish up these projects on friday!

We also went to real deals on saturday
and I added some nice flavor to my apartment.
You will get to see those finds soon enough,
but not yet. We will stick with the project items for now.

Love, The Hendricks

post script I also got a sweet dresser, just didnt take a picture yet!
So you'll see that soon too!

The Landscape Photoshoot {finally}

Here is the shoot.
I am no pro,
so don't get your hopes up.

Did you know I love volleyball?
That is why this last picture was taken!
Anywho, comments, thoughts, and inputs welcome!
Tell me your favorite{s}.
Oh, encouragement also welcome,
{I thrive off of it}.

Thanks for checkin' this out,
and if you ask, I will tell you my favorite,
better yet.. can you guess?

Stay tuned.

Love, the Hendricks