Tuesday, March 1

You Can Do It!! {me talking to myself, and trying to encourage you!}

So, I have this wonderful friend who
stayed by me,
talked me through it,
and supported me in...
running 4 miles tonight!

She is just a doll and I love her {I think she needs to help me more often}.
Time flew.
She works miracles!
Her name is Rachael Vinton.
She is also gorgeous!
{Here she is with her cute hubs on her wedding day, almost 2 years ago! Congrats you two!}

Well, not only did she help me do something I hadn't done in years
{run 4 miles straight}
She also introduced me to something I must use!

Kinesiology Tape
{aka KT tape}

Click HERE to read about it.

Well, the reason I am looking into it is because..
I sprained my ankle a couple years ago and it
now has traveled up to my knee
and to run on it really hurts.
{currently icing}

Oh and I think it will help immensely when I purchase some new shoes!
{I've been using mine for almost 3 years, and anyone that knows me knows that I work out at least 5 days every week}
To say the least, my "miles" on my shoes are really high!
I'm thinking about running a half marathon this spring?
{if it will ever come, spring that is}
Anyone want to encourage and support me?
I am kind of nervous and I am NOT committing to it yet.
But its something I really want to do.
Only time will tell.

Oh and Kase is working his way up to being able to do 100 push-ups without stopping.
My Mr. Strong boy!
Also, he is continuing to study so hard and he is doing so great!
I love this hard working boy!

Love, The Hendricks


  1. Totally Support you girl!! We could run one together!? In Washington maybe!? oooohh so excited!

  2. Amanda is running a half marathon in June!! The one in Utah!! you should do it with her!

  3. Wow!! Im impressed! I just started running again last week and haven't made it to 4 miles yet. Good for you girl!!!!

  4. Wowzal Malowza girl! You are freaking awesome. Haha I don't think I can even run 1 mile without doing a little run-walk. You are a champion! And props to Kasey Strong Boy! That is radd!

  5. Reading your blog for the first time. love it. love you. miss you. miss those crazy nights at craigo's together. not so much the working at craigo's part but definitely the togetherness with you part.
    go for the half marathon!!! wish i was there to run it with you!! which one are you doing?! i keep telling myself that one of these years i'll make it down to Orlando run the Disney Princess 1/2 Marathon around the parks. does that sound like fun, or what?!?!?
    you're adorable.
    i'm so happy you're so happy!!

  6. Hey darling daughter! I just went through all your posts in one sitting-- you are so fabulous, fun, cute, talented, darling, and married to a wonderful man!!!