Saturday, March 5

What do you do when you're sick?

Things to do while you are sick:
Watch a movie {or more}
so far my choices have been
The Proposal

Italian Job.

A Knight's Tale

I am sure that there will be more to come.
The day is young.
My nose is still running.
Tissues are still piling up.

You get the picture.

while watching The Proposal,
I did two things.
#1. Laughed out loud, by myself, a lot.
#2. Decided I want to color my hair like Sandra Bullocks.
{My sister is going to hate me.
We'll see if I can even talk her into putting these caramel locks of love into my hair.
Britt, I know you are reading this, please think about it :) }

What do you think, they are pretty subtle right? Plus, I haven't done caramel lights in my hair for sooo long. I think its about time to do it again.
I would love your input.

I am sure there are more
movies to come,
bubble baths to take,
naps to enjoy,
and sadly,
water vinegar honey cayenne pepper drinks to consume.
{wish me luck on that one}

Lastly, Kasey got home from work and cleaned
{clearly the house was a mess}
I said to him...

Me: When I get sick I get needy. {I just kept following him like a puppy}
Kase: I know you get "neat-y" thats why I cleaned for you.
Me: giggle giggle
Kase: That was clever, wasn't it.

Oh goodness me I love that boy.
He is my treasure.

Love, The Hendricks


  1. Amber....why are we the same person? Seriously! I just bought and watched the proposal and guess what I did today? Got my hair done and got caramel in it (for the first time in a LONG time). I swear even when we are hundreds of miles apart and not even talking that much, we are the same height. That is neat. LOVE YOU!! (oh and I say get the highlights!!)

  2. You're sickkk? YUCK! :( Sorry to hear! But I DEFINITELY watched the Proposal YESTERDAY and laughed out loudddd!!! I love it! LOVE YOU

  3. I hate being sick. YUCK!! I love your blog!! you are adorable! That was so cute of your husband to say! Good say hubby!! I am your newest follower!

  4. Miss Amber! I just found your blog through your status on facebook I do believe. ohh how I love reading peoples blogs. Your wedding pictures are gorgeous, your dress was gorgeous. You guys are adorable! So glad life is treating you good..hope all is super well :))

  5. I just wanted to tell you how AMAZING you are! I saw you working it like a fool thang on the track. Good job you for jumping back in there the moment you felt better. You're my hero. Also.. glad you see you LOVED my drink so much ;) The more you drink it the better it gets right??? I started getting a sore throat and cranked out the infamous "hot totty" and BAM. No disease :) Love you dear.