Wednesday, March 2

New things I feel in love with today

#1. Trio Bars
The other day at work one of my friends and fellow worker introduced me to these yummy bars
{have you ever had one?}

They are called trio bars because there are
3 different kinds of nuts
3 different kinds of fruits
3 different kinds of seeds.
I liked it a lot and she told me it was a great natural source of protein
me being me, I looked into it more and I found out that they are a product of China.
{Does this look scrum-diddly-umptious to you?}


Now you tell me, how big of a deal is it?
I kept reading things where people said,
"I loved them so much and then I saw that they were a product of China and I
immediately threw them away".

Well, I still wanted to know more, because they are really good and they seem quite healthy so then I found this article

Needless to say, I still do not have a super strong opinion.
After reading the article I feel more ok about it, but then I just don't know so this is
where you come in. I need your opinion.
Tell me what you think.
Help me.
Do I buy some and enjoy every bite, or do I let them be from China?

#2. Arnicare Gel

I just love Arnicare {pronounced arnica.. or so i've been told} gel!
I am a believer.
I am not sure if its one of those things that you have to tell yourself it works,
then your mind plays tricks on you,
and then it works?
But it sure does work for me.

For instance, after running those 4 miles last night, I got home and rubbed it on my
thighs and ankle and
no pain today and immediate relief last night. Try it. I know you will love it like i do!
{If you don't like it don't tell me because then maybe the "all in my head" thing will change
and I like it how it is}

Oh and not to toot my own horn or anything but I did run another 3 miles tonight.
I am serious about this half marathon thing.
Oh ya, you guessed it, just got done rubbin' on the arnicare!

#3. Bubble Baths

This is not something new but it is something I love, and it is almost friday!!
So nice to have some time to yourself to just be.. Relaxed.
I feel that these are needed as desired.
Sometimes it may be more than once in a week,
and other times it could be one in 2 weeks.
{Depends on the kind of week your having}

Here is a fun little "recipe" for some sea salt for your bubble bath!

2 cups of Epsom Salts (magnesium sulfate)
2 cups of baking soda (sodium bicarbonate)
2 cups of sea salt (sodium chloride)

Each of these ingredients has certain qualities and uses. Epsom salt, when added to a bath, is absorbed through the skin and is known to draw toxins from the body, sedate the nervous system, reduce swelling and relax muscles. It's also a natural skin softener and exfoliator.

Baking soda helps neutralize the acids on your skin and wash away oils and perspiration, leaving your skin silky smooth. It's also useful to relieve itching.

Sea salt helps cleanse pores, alleviate dry skin conditions and soften the water. Although you can substitute table salt, sea salt is preferred because it retains more minerals. Sea salt is available as fine or coarse crystals; either will work, but remember that the larger the crystals, the longer it takes for the salts to dissolve in the bath.

I just found this simple little thing on the internet
{of course}
and I am sure you could add some type of fragrance to it so you not only feel fresh after but smell fresh too!

Love, The Hendricks


  1. Amber!

    I found your blog through Kandice!! Love it! Looks like you and Kasey are doing great.

    ps those bars look yummy :)

    xoxo Stephanie

  2. ARNICARE?!!!!!! You know that make me laugh for a good 10 minutes. HAAAA

  3. Trio bars are amazing. And ignorance is bliss! And I stalk your blog :)

  4. your too cute! i wanna try that bath thing!!!

  5. Trio bars........where to start. Seems like a representation of all that is wrong with this country. We have no jobs because we send nuts and seeds to be assembled in China???? Does that make any sense? The economic and environmental impacts are astounding. The company is growing where? The CEO's pocket. There are better alternatives, in fact make your own, cheaper too :-). LOVE YOU and love your blog.

    Your opinionated hippy auntie......

    P.S. try larabars and then if you like them I'll give you a recipe!

  6. BTW- i'm not robert.