Thursday, March 10

Is my hair REALLY that long?

This will be a quick post,
to tell you just how long my hair is.

So I have this bad habit of putting my hair
on the walls of the shower while I am showering,
{Yes its 3:30 and I just got out of the shower, Im sick, cut me some slack?}

Well I saw a hair that was real long, like real long.
So I measured it.
Can you Guess how long it was?

10 inches? No
12 inches {a foot}? No
18 Inches!!!

Wow, I guess that makes sense as to why Kasey said to me the other night
"Your hair is getting so long, its starting to look like Pocahontas."

P.s. I started this post at 3:30 and I
took a little lunch break,
sat on the couch,
fell asleep,
and now its 6:00.
How did that happen? I just want to be better so I can stop sleeping so much
It has now been a week, yes a week, and two days since I have been.
Im going to die when I go again!
Wish me luck?

Oh and a little update on Kase.
4 tests this week. Need I say more.
Pray for him.
He is amazing!

Love, The Hendricks

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  1. I do the same thing!! Matt is like THOW IT AWAY!!! hahah The price to pay for the beauty of long hair! Miss you guys!