Saturday, March 19

Happy Anniversary/THE new look

One year ago today Kasey and I were doing this...
{we couldn't stop smiling ALL day}

{and doing this}

Our wonderful and beautiful friends

The best photographer at her finest
{Thanks Krista Neeley}

See what did I tell you...

Did I mention how cold it was.
I know, I play it off like a champ.
{Lucky Kase, he had a suit coat, and he is always hot anyway}
You can't even tell.
I think my teeth were chattering here, so worth it.
I love pictures!

Just lovin' life.

Fist pumps.
My fav.
{note: Kyles face,
someone picking Ericks nose,
the two wonderful, supportive preg girls standing next to each other,
and once again,
Us kissin'. That't what you're supposed to do on your wedding day.}

The nieces and nephews, they weren't too happy.

We did it.
We are still so in love, even more so than last March 19th.
Although, we are very happy we are not out in the cold today, taking pictures.
Rather, inside...
But, we do wish we were headed to Jamaica right now.
Think happy thoughts.
{psst, we are going on a cruise in 3 weeks to celebrate}
Happy anniversary Kase and Amb!
{Did I just write that to myself... maybe?}

are you ready for it?
Are you sure?
Do you think you can handle this?
Its new.
Its short.
Its simple.
Its happy.

So maybe we did make a star of my hair.
Pretty long huh?

Now Mr. Kheny himself.
Jk, but it was long.

10 inches later,
oh and 4 hours later...
You have this!
{photos: courtesy of Khen}

I know what you are thinking.
I say to you yes.
mmmm he is good lookin'!

Mr. & Mrs. Hendricks
{one year later and freshly done}

{In memory of our engagements}

awww... I know.

We both actually LOVE our new do's.
Going to take some getting used to
{Like when I go to brush my hair
and I keep goin and there is nothin there.
Or when I go to play with it and its gone.
Or when the Mr. goes to fix it and its perfectly quaffed,
with product and all.
You get the picture right?}

Sorry it has been so long since I have posted and I know I still have to do V-day and birthdays
but hey, at least I got the anni right?
Love you all.

Love, The Hendricks

P.s. We may still be a little insecure so, you can throw the comps out, I'm just sayin.


  1. love the hair!!! you guys are super duper hott and handsome! (respectively)

  2. Ooooo--la-la! You are both so darling!

  3. Look at you hotties!! =) I really love your hair (both of you!). Happy anniversary!! Being married is the best. =) Love you guys!

  4. AMBER!!!! YOUR HAIRR!!!! IS GONNNEEE!!!!!.... and guess what.
    I couldn't be happier about it.
    You look SO BEAUTIFUL with your new hair cut! You make me want to cut mine now!! Stunning.
    Oh and Kasey- lookin sharp as always mr! You got the side-profile pose on LOCK DOWN. way to be.

    <3 it!!!

  5. how beautiful! You really are a stunning couple and you looked amazing on your wedding day! love the new look {fab yellow sweater}!


  6. AMBER!! You both look sooo GREAT!!! Shoot! :)

  7. I LOVE the new hair! You look amazing. I can't believe you cut so much off. THe highlights are also very cute. It has been too long since I've see you sheesh missy!