Tuesday, March 22

The Goods

I want to share a few things that made me smile today.
Its not anything HUGE but its simple little things that make the day better.
Such as:
Walking into the house today to find it clean!
Getting an extra long lunch from work so I could take a little nap
{Did you know I love to sleep?}
Being able to go to Zumba tonight!!
Realizing that our cruise is NOT far from here!

Just some simple things. But here are some pictures of things I really really love as of late.

Monopoly= No Fun
Monopoly DEAL= A whole new world
Have YOU ever played this game?
Well have ya? Ok, if not, go to Walmart within the next day,
buy it,
read how to play it {easy peasy},
play it,
LOVE it!
Then let me know what you think! We sure like it. We played it last night with
{they are too cute and they are getting married, check them out}
and Kyle
{he is getting married soon too and fiance, Katie, is in Utah, that's why he was solo.
They are too cute as well, give 'em a looksy}

Newest of the News

I hadn't gotten new shoes in almost three years.
Good thing I finally got some. So comfortable.
Plus, they are kind of cute :)

That's all folks!
Love, The Hendricks
{Off to watch Kaseter play dodgeball. Sometimes it gets intense...}


  1. Why don't i ever get invited to play games? :/

  2. Man, I am SOO behind on your blog!!! I am in L.O.V.E. love love with the new hair!! I want my hair long just so I can chop it off! :) And KDH is lookin good with the cut as well...perfect for the jamaican trip we're taking while you and dan go to yellowstone! haha. (and I love the romantic engagment reenactment)! :) Can't wait to see you in just 10 hours!!!

  3. Oh cute shoes!! I love them. Are you ready to run?? I just had surgery today... you can read about it on my blog if you so desire :) benandrachaelvinton.blogspot.com Miss you!!