Sunday, March 20

50.. Great Age {happy birthday dad}

So part of the reason we went to Utah this weekend was not only to celebrate
our anniversary,
to celebrate my Dad's birthday {he turned 50 but shhh don't tell him I told you}

My step mom Teresa did an awesome job with planning the surprise
and had him thinking that they were going out of town.
When he got home from work Teresa asked him to go down stairs and get a suitcase for her
This is what was waiting......

{My beautiful and silly sister Alyssa, just had to be in the pic}
Also note the black balloons and table cloth, he threw out some snide comment
such as: what is this a death party {words are not exact but close}

{we also entertained ourselves like seeing who could keep their celebratory blower things, you know what I'm talking about right?, like this stretched out the longest. My brother-in-law beat EVERYONE by ALOT!} Nice work Dusty!

{The kids finding creative places and way to hide}

{Just waiting. My nieces shoes are too cute eh?}

{This just genuinely cracked me up. It was like this all day and didn't faze him at all.}

{We got the call and we were in places, ready to surprise!}

{We got him good}

{He was shocked and so happy!}

{But mostly shocked! We love you dad!}

{Now for the good stuff. Cake. See 50, you would have found out sooner or later...}

{He may be 50 but he was as excited as a 5 year old. Leading us in the happy birthday song. Note the hand.}

{Blow out all 50! Oh lucky there are only two because 50 would have burnt the cake!}

{But he was so loved that he got TWO cakes. This one is homemade through and through. Frosting and all}

{This is funny. Yes it is dad.}

{See. I told you, even he is smiling about it! What a good sport! }

It was an allover great weekend and was so fun to go and spend time with the "Sandall" family.
We love you guys, although we may or may not have loved all the food you made us eat.
Ok we loved it. Just wish we didn't gain 10 pounds.
Cruise in 3 weeks.
Have a great day! Love you all!

Love, The Hendricks


  1. Love the pictures and the story Amber. You do a great job!! Also looks like you had fun. Did you say "cruise"? When and where? Lucky you...

    Love ya, Grams

  2. Thanks for sharing Amber! That was awesome...and he reminded me, I am not far behind. HE will ALWAYS be older :)
    Loves, Aunt Tori...(not Uncle Matt)