Monday, February 7

Things I love.....

#1. Kasey- He planned such a fun little
"stay in" date on friday night. We didn't go out to dinner,
he made me dinner. He also made me go into our room, close the door,and he came and "picked me up". He knocked and everything {he was on time 6:00 on the dot}. Then we watched Despicable Me
{its so fluffy I could die, all those that have seen it know what I am talkin 'bout}
Lastley, COLD STONE. LOVE IT... no really I got the love it s
ize and ate it all. YUM! Needless to say, it was a wonderful night!
#2. Zumba- I have been doing zumba for about 6 months and i am
bound and determined
to one day become an instructor myself. SO fun and SUCH a great workout!

#3. The super bowl party-
We had so much food!! Our wonderful friends came over {Jake & Liss}
and we ate, and ate, and ate, and cheered for the PACKERS!

#4 Time- Well you see, today I lost track of time at work, and ended up leaving for lunch at noon when I thought it was one. {lunch break normally 1245-2} So I got an extra long break. So fun to
have lunch {made} by Kasey today. Chicken Nachos. Delicious.
post script: He is the best ever!!!

#5 Vitamin D3- So I started to get sick last monday {yet another sinus infection} and I refused to take more antibiotics {I have taken between 3 and 5 Zpacks in the past year}. I wanted to kick this sickness with O.J. and natural oils {thieves steamer...loved this every morning before work, it was my own personal facial as well and a great wake up tool}. Well then my wonderful friend Alissa {mentioned earlier} introduced me into
Vitamin D3.
Let me tell you, this stuff is great. There is so much to tell you about it. But instead of me just telling you, click here

to read more.
{arent they kinda pretty?}

#6 New Ring- Well I was reading one of my favorite blogs the other day {little miss momma} I came across a pretty neat thing {go here}. It all hit me so strong that I just had to buy one!
is rockin. Loved so much of their stuff, but alas, I don't have a money tree in my back yard.
Well, anywho, here is my ring that I got AND it came in
the cutest packaging! Oh and one last plus, it came super speedy! I know everyone loves that.
Well, I can't get my camera to work right now so I will have to show you my ring and the packaging another day.

Love, The Hendricks

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  1. i like you! Just thought you should know! Great post and thank you so much for supporting such a great cause!

    btw: you look beautiful in your wedding pics!