Saturday, February 12

My Friday Blessings

So yesterday, after I got done babysitting
my friend Chelsea Watt's baby girl,
I finally went to the eye doc and got myself a new
contact and glasses prescription
{it has been a while, Sept 2009 to be exact}
That in itself is a blessing, because I was starting to think my
year old contacts were going to make my eyes die.

The fact that the visit was free due to
dual insurance coverage, was another blessing!
Although the fact that I paid $102 dollars for
new contact, not so fun.
Definitely a necessity though.

But, the BEST BLESSING of all comes in now...
Lets see how I can shorten this,
Cop pulls me over.
Me.. no License,
no seat belt,
expired insurance,
expired tags,

How did that happen you ask?
Well I say, I paid my tithing on Sunday. Blessings.
It had potential to be the worst day,
and turned into the best because Mr. Nice Officer.

Happy Friday to me!
P.s. got new tags,
new insurance forms,
and carry my license now.
That kind of blessing won't happen twice,
I realize that.

Love, The Hendricks

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  1. Baaahahahah!! Count your HUGE blessing is right! I once got pulled over and was NOT so lucky. No license, no updated insurance cards, no updated registration cards, no registration stickers, and I didn't signal when I turned. Yep - not so lucky! I got about $700 worth of tickets! The ironic thing... my dad owns an Insurance/Registration business... aka should not have ever happened in the first place! I ended up going to a courthouse to fight my tickets... got all the ones that SHOULDNT have happened thrown up (blessing!) and got my lack of license carriage cut in half. Ended up paying like $70. HUGE blessing, but not as huge as yours! lol