Sunday, February 20

i know, I am a slacker...

So maybe I have yet to post about:
Kase's Birthday
Valentines day
My birthday
and all the other days in between.

Here is my excuse...
My beautiful sister Kensi Evans {as of late}
got married!

So now that it's over and done with, I will post about it all.
But not in one post.
I am not that good.
Nor cool.
Give it time,
and I promise I will catch up.

So here we go with pic-chas from the wonderful day.

Coming out of the Temple

Smiling for all those who waited so long.
In the cold.
For love.

Sister, Sister.
So happy for her, she is beautiful.
Don't you agree?


Beautiful couple.
Beautiful bouquet.

Elegantly gorgeous cake.
E for Evans.

Feeding each other,
they didn't even get messy.

They are off.
Good luck newly weds!

Established 2.18.11
Brett and Kensi Evans.
Together Forever.

That's all for today {because my eyes are starting to close}.
You have got my word,
I will do another post.

Love, The Hendricks


  1. SOO dang cute! Love the pics. and i love your blog by the way :) Its been so long since i've seen you.. you and your cute hubs are adorable!
    <3 kyndal

  2. Kensi looked sooo beautiful!!! Wish I could have been there!