Sunday, February 13

Great things: Bridal showers and Thrifted items

Meet my beautiful friend Katie {soon to be} Christensen.
It was her bridal shower yesterday.

Her fiance` {Kyle} and Kasey are best friends
just so happens that Katie and I get along just great.
{I'm sure it helps that we are the same height}

Well she is such a doll and the shower was awesome
isn't her outfit adorable?

We played games like
make toilet paper wedding dresses,
watch Amber fall on her face,
{camera is fine, yes it was funny and embarrassing}
eat lots of yummy cupcakes and pizza,
and watch Katie eat Lots and Lots of double bubble.

So, to say the least,
we all had a blast!
Congrats Kyle and Katie,
they are getting married April 9th in SLC.

Post Script: I went to Deseret Industries
{makes it sound better}
yesterday and put this little number together.
The blazer $6
The Belt $1
The White Collar shirt $4
feeling proud.

Kasey was my wonderful photographer
and support on purchasing this!
What a great hub!

Love, The Hendricks

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  1. Please tell me that we can share in some D.I. adventures together! First think on my list are funky frames for some funky crafts! You in?
    p.s. It is your bday today. How grand! yes grand indeed!