Friday, February 11

Cheap, Yummy, and Easy Valentine Treat... What more can I say?

When cheap {9 bucks},
yummy {warm chocolate, gooey caramel},
and easy {3 minutes to bake}
are all in the same sentence
you know you're in for a real treat.
Then you think, "Valentines Day is just around the river bend.."
and BAM you are sold {at least I was}.

These here are "turtles" with a twist.
Ingredients: pecan halves, mini pretzels, and rolos.

Grab a pan,
and place however many mini pretzels you can fit,
or want to have made into turtles
{warning: they are addicting, i ate 7 yesterday, yes 7.}

This may be the hardest part {maybe thats why it was Kase's job}
unwrap all those rolo's,
maybe eat one or two while you're at it...

Now, put the rolo's on top of the pretzels
easy peasy.
{if you have an adorable helper, mine: Kasey, makes the job at least 10x more fun}
His hand. Cute.
Pop in oven at 200 for 3 min
and press pecans onto rolo.
{better to use parchment paper, but I didn't have any.. wish I did though}
Wala! You have a scrumptious,
yet very easy treat!
Love, The Hendricks


  1. Hey Amber, thanks for the cute idea. I have already used it!

  2. Oh good!!! Im glad you like it! You are so great em!

  3. Those look so GOOD!!! Thanks for sharing this recipe, cuz I'm going to have to try it.