Monday, February 21

Best Hubs, I love him

Ok, so I know everyone says they have
"the best hubs ever"
the only difference between you and I is...
I really really do!!

Let me tell you why...
For the past couple of weeks
{maybe a month, try not to be grossed out}
our shower drain has been clogged.
I know.
For all of you who know me, you know I have super long
and super thick hair.

Needless to say, our shower was nast.
{as in nasty}
Well having the best husband I do,
he cleaned it tonight!!!
So I could take a nice relaxing bath and shower.
Let me tell you,
it was one marvelous shower.
Not having to stand in ankle high deep water!

Well don't go searching for pictures of this,
once again,
nast shower I had
because I am surely not going to post any!

But here is a cute picture of my Kaster
{and I....not so cute}!
{Almost one year old picture, from our honey moon. Wait we have almost been married one year! Life goes by fast!}

I want to hear about your "best hub ever stories" because I am not sure you can top this.
A guy pulling out yards and yards of Ambers sick hair!
What a stallion he is!

Love, The Hendricks


  1. Well 2 days ago I tried to comment on this post...but when I looked it wasn't there.

    I LOVE your blog!! I am so glad you started one! :) This story made me laugh so hard... I even made Sam read it! I can verify that you have super thick hair that clogs drains. And I loved that you said nast! I just miss you so much and Im glad we can be bloggy friends now! Love you!

  2. I have the SAME story from MONDAY!
    Our drain has always been bad (ankle deep since we moved in).... well, with my hair added to the already super clogged drain... it got to the point where it was like a FOOT of water on the bathtub... like full bathtub from the shower. Anyway, Monday we decided it was time to unscrew the drain and cleannnnn it out! Well, first we pulled out a HUGE hair ball... like nasty huge. Test out the drain... STILL clogged. SO we pulled off that circle thing on the side of the tub (under the faucet)... and we made a homemade hook out of a wire hanger and reached down deep into the drain (by we i mean brady of course)... and we pulled out what SERIOUSLY looked like a giant RAT! No lies.. It was bigger than a large hot dog on a bun! HUGE! Sooo gross! But now our drain like GUZZLES the water so fast. Its amazing!

    Best hubs ever!