Sunday, February 27

Have you ever gone on a double decker double date? {I bet you haven't}

So I know you are all wondering
"What is a Double Decker Double Date {D to the 4th power}?
Well let me tell you:
It is fun,
It is exciting,
It can only be done with a couple you get along with really well
{you'll be together for a while},
It may not happen more than 3 times in your life,
It will make you laugh,
It will make you feel adventurous {maybe?},
It wil be memorable,
Definitely blog-able!

Are you ready to hear what it is?

Are you sure?

Ok, here it goes!
This is what you do:
You eat around 2:30
Then you go to a movie {in our case tangled 3-D} at 4:35
Then you have to go somewhere and chat, get hungry, decide what else to do
Then you go to dinner around 7:45
here is the kicker....

YOU GO TO ANOTHER MOVIE! {in our case, again, True Grit}!!!
Then you have got yourself one
true blue double decker double date.

Here is the wonderful friends we did the double decker with.

It was a great and fun night. It was crazy. Oh and we went to the same cheap theater both
times and the same workers were there.
They looked at us funny. We just laughed.

If any of you are up for it, do it! You wont regret it and it will be worth telling!
So tell me! Have a great day!

Love, The Hendricks

Monday, February 21

Best Hubs, I love him

Ok, so I know everyone says they have
"the best hubs ever"
the only difference between you and I is...
I really really do!!

Let me tell you why...
For the past couple of weeks
{maybe a month, try not to be grossed out}
our shower drain has been clogged.
I know.
For all of you who know me, you know I have super long
and super thick hair.

Needless to say, our shower was nast.
{as in nasty}
Well having the best husband I do,
he cleaned it tonight!!!
So I could take a nice relaxing bath and shower.
Let me tell you,
it was one marvelous shower.
Not having to stand in ankle high deep water!

Well don't go searching for pictures of this,
once again,
nast shower I had
because I am surely not going to post any!

But here is a cute picture of my Kaster
{and I....not so cute}!
{Almost one year old picture, from our honey moon. Wait we have almost been married one year! Life goes by fast!}

I want to hear about your "best hub ever stories" because I am not sure you can top this.
A guy pulling out yards and yards of Ambers sick hair!
What a stallion he is!

Love, The Hendricks

Sunday, February 20

i know, I am a slacker...

So maybe I have yet to post about:
Kase's Birthday
Valentines day
My birthday
and all the other days in between.

Here is my excuse...
My beautiful sister Kensi Evans {as of late}
got married!

So now that it's over and done with, I will post about it all.
But not in one post.
I am not that good.
Nor cool.
Give it time,
and I promise I will catch up.

So here we go with pic-chas from the wonderful day.

Coming out of the Temple

Smiling for all those who waited so long.
In the cold.
For love.

Sister, Sister.
So happy for her, she is beautiful.
Don't you agree?


Beautiful couple.
Beautiful bouquet.

Elegantly gorgeous cake.
E for Evans.

Feeding each other,
they didn't even get messy.

They are off.
Good luck newly weds!

Established 2.18.11
Brett and Kensi Evans.
Together Forever.

That's all for today {because my eyes are starting to close}.
You have got my word,
I will do another post.

Love, The Hendricks

Sunday, February 13

Great things: Bridal showers and Thrifted items

Meet my beautiful friend Katie {soon to be} Christensen.
It was her bridal shower yesterday.

Her fiance` {Kyle} and Kasey are best friends
just so happens that Katie and I get along just great.
{I'm sure it helps that we are the same height}

Well she is such a doll and the shower was awesome
isn't her outfit adorable?

We played games like
make toilet paper wedding dresses,
watch Amber fall on her face,
{camera is fine, yes it was funny and embarrassing}
eat lots of yummy cupcakes and pizza,
and watch Katie eat Lots and Lots of double bubble.

So, to say the least,
we all had a blast!
Congrats Kyle and Katie,
they are getting married April 9th in SLC.

Post Script: I went to Deseret Industries
{makes it sound better}
yesterday and put this little number together.
The blazer $6
The Belt $1
The White Collar shirt $4
feeling proud.

Kasey was my wonderful photographer
and support on purchasing this!
What a great hub!

Love, The Hendricks

Saturday, February 12

Saturday Cleaning! I know 2 posts in one day, I rock.

A clean home is a happy home,
and a happy
{Note the football mug... This belongs to Kasey. One of his favs}

{Clean and made bed. Yes Kase let me pick the bed set out,
can't you tell?}

I cleaned the stove.

Organized and wiped down.

Laundry. So soft, fluffy, warm, and

time to blog about my accomplishments,
with a little snack!

Fresh and clean home, until monday.
Then, repeat.

Duties done for the day,
we're going to
Applebee's. Yum.
Here I come boneless buffalo wings
and Oriental Chick Sal. {chicken salad for those that don't shorten words}

Love, The Hendricks

My Friday Blessings

So yesterday, after I got done babysitting
my friend Chelsea Watt's baby girl,
I finally went to the eye doc and got myself a new
contact and glasses prescription
{it has been a while, Sept 2009 to be exact}
That in itself is a blessing, because I was starting to think my
year old contacts were going to make my eyes die.

The fact that the visit was free due to
dual insurance coverage, was another blessing!
Although the fact that I paid $102 dollars for
new contact, not so fun.
Definitely a necessity though.

But, the BEST BLESSING of all comes in now...
Lets see how I can shorten this,
Cop pulls me over.
Me.. no License,
no seat belt,
expired insurance,
expired tags,

How did that happen you ask?
Well I say, I paid my tithing on Sunday. Blessings.
It had potential to be the worst day,
and turned into the best because Mr. Nice Officer.

Happy Friday to me!
P.s. got new tags,
new insurance forms,
and carry my license now.
That kind of blessing won't happen twice,
I realize that.

Love, The Hendricks

Friday, February 11

Cheap, Yummy, and Easy Valentine Treat... What more can I say?

When cheap {9 bucks},
yummy {warm chocolate, gooey caramel},
and easy {3 minutes to bake}
are all in the same sentence
you know you're in for a real treat.
Then you think, "Valentines Day is just around the river bend.."
and BAM you are sold {at least I was}.

These here are "turtles" with a twist.
Ingredients: pecan halves, mini pretzels, and rolos.

Grab a pan,
and place however many mini pretzels you can fit,
or want to have made into turtles
{warning: they are addicting, i ate 7 yesterday, yes 7.}

This may be the hardest part {maybe thats why it was Kase's job}
unwrap all those rolo's,
maybe eat one or two while you're at it...

Now, put the rolo's on top of the pretzels
easy peasy.
{if you have an adorable helper, mine: Kasey, makes the job at least 10x more fun}
His hand. Cute.
Pop in oven at 200 for 3 min
and press pecans onto rolo.
{better to use parchment paper, but I didn't have any.. wish I did though}
Wala! You have a scrumptious,
yet very easy treat!
Love, The Hendricks

Monday, February 7

Things I love.....

#1. Kasey- He planned such a fun little
"stay in" date on friday night. We didn't go out to dinner,
he made me dinner. He also made me go into our room, close the door,and he came and "picked me up". He knocked and everything {he was on time 6:00 on the dot}. Then we watched Despicable Me
{its so fluffy I could die, all those that have seen it know what I am talkin 'bout}
Lastley, COLD STONE. LOVE IT... no really I got the love it s
ize and ate it all. YUM! Needless to say, it was a wonderful night!
#2. Zumba- I have been doing zumba for about 6 months and i am
bound and determined
to one day become an instructor myself. SO fun and SUCH a great workout!

#3. The super bowl party-
We had so much food!! Our wonderful friends came over {Jake & Liss}
and we ate, and ate, and ate, and cheered for the PACKERS!

#4 Time- Well you see, today I lost track of time at work, and ended up leaving for lunch at noon when I thought it was one. {lunch break normally 1245-2} So I got an extra long break. So fun to
have lunch {made} by Kasey today. Chicken Nachos. Delicious.
post script: He is the best ever!!!

#5 Vitamin D3- So I started to get sick last monday {yet another sinus infection} and I refused to take more antibiotics {I have taken between 3 and 5 Zpacks in the past year}. I wanted to kick this sickness with O.J. and natural oils {thieves steamer...loved this every morning before work, it was my own personal facial as well and a great wake up tool}. Well then my wonderful friend Alissa {mentioned earlier} introduced me into
Vitamin D3.
Let me tell you, this stuff is great. There is so much to tell you about it. But instead of me just telling you, click here

to read more.
{arent they kinda pretty?}

#6 New Ring- Well I was reading one of my favorite blogs the other day {little miss momma} I came across a pretty neat thing {go here}. It all hit me so strong that I just had to buy one!
is rockin. Loved so much of their stuff, but alas, I don't have a money tree in my back yard.
Well, anywho, here is my ring that I got AND it came in
the cutest packaging! Oh and one last plus, it came super speedy! I know everyone loves that.
Well, I can't get my camera to work right now so I will have to show you my ring and the packaging another day.

Love, The Hendricks