Sunday, January 16

What a blissful life my husband gives me!

Macbooks, there is so much to say about them! I use my husbands all the time and I LOVE it. So many fun and neat things you can do with them. I am sure most people have already been introduced into the life of a Mac.

I sure have, my roommates always had them, my brother, my husband, the school I {used} to go to, and even my workuses all Mac stuff. So needless to say I have been around them a LOT and I have always enjoyed them.

WELL, I have never really said “I need a Mac” {although I have thought it}, but I secretly always wanted one. Plus, I am thinking that my husband {Kasey} was feeling like he wasn’t getting as much homework done because I always loved to be on his computer.

Whether it was to check my blog, or order something from ebay, or check my email, or my bank account or do some uploading of all my pictures I have been taking with my new camera {thanks to the in-laws}.

So, here is where the exciting part comes the exciting part...

Friday night, I went on a trip with my work and when I got home on Saturday, Kasey showed me a picture {because he wanted my opinion before making a big purchase, what an AMAZING hub I have} of this great deal on a computer that he was wanting to get me for my birthday. Well we {my computer techy bro, Kase and I} went and looked at it and I

“Fell in love”

So here I am, making this post with my NEW love, I mean computer. I put together the feelings one may have when receiving/buying a macbook. {These pictures were taken without knowing I would put something like this together. It worked out perfect. Something like destiny, you could say}.Enjoy!!

So thank you Kasey D. for getting this for ME!

I Love it and I love you!

Love, The Hendricks


  1. U SUCK is all I have to say!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Awww, so sweet!
    BTW: great job on the new header girl!
    I LOVE IT!