Saturday, January 29

Love for Laughs!

Have you ever laughed so hard...
{in this photo.. me with shorter hair, cousin Tia on left and aunt Sharsti in middle}
that you ended up crying?
Well, I did today!
{its very weird how it happens, the tears just replace the laughs, even though it is still funny}

Here is what happened, I was tickling Kasey and he somehow knocked
his glasses off his face
{in slow motion.. it was like he couldn't react fast enough, and that is very weird for Kasey.}
and in the process
broke his glasses. The lens fell out!
We both started laughing so hard, and then I couldn't stop
and then...
I just started crying. Actually crying!
so bizarre! Yet, still so funny!

Now, I have seen this done before by the one and only
Kensi Kivett {soon to be Kensi Evans} and Brittanie West,
my gorgeous sisters...

but, I have never done it and I never understood it.
Well, now I understand!

Love, The Hendricks

{I realize that this story may not be funny to most of you,
it was definitely had to be there/we both had a lack of sleep. But, I, loved it and thought
I would share it. I want to hear funny stories from you! DO SHARE}


  1. Hahahahahahahaha! I'm glad you've now experienced the "switch flip". It's embarrassing when you're in a crowd. =) I feel so happy to be in one of your posts! Love you!

  2. Ha ha... I did that all the time when I was prego Ambs- hmmmm? :) Just kidding... but seriosuly, I did ALL the time! And I'm talking like full on bawling- like when it's hard to breathe... I am a freak :) Miss you evewy singow day!

  3. Brittanie:-The switch flip.. great name for it! haha I really hope I never experience this in a crowd!

    Kristen- Hmmm... prego? Im thinking not! haha but I think it is funny! slash weird all at the same time! miss you!