Wednesday, January 26

The 5% Rule/Quote

Ok, so I may have just been told the best quote ever.
"At any given time we are becoming
the average
of the five people with whom we are
most closely associated".

Now, I know that quote may seem intimidating, but
think about it. That is so darn true!

Remember back to all those friends you have had in
your life....
the ones that could always make you smile,
the ones that made you your best self,
the ones that drained you,
the ones that were smart,
the ones that always seemed to make you go against what you have been taught {in some way},
the ones that HAD to be center or attention,
the ones that were.... well the list goes
on and on

Didn't you end up {in some way} acting like them?
Not becoming them, but rather becoming
the average
of what they were. right? yes.

So my advice to you all is to not only
the person that others want to become the average of, but
stick around those that you {in turn}
want to be and average of.

Friends are a vital thing in all of our lives, so...
pick them wisely.
I am lucky to have the best friends ever!

I can truly say
"because i knew you, i have been changed for good"

Here are my wonderful friends {family, husband, etc}

Love, the Hendricks


  1. Amber!! I haven't seen you in forever!! I'm glad that you guys are doing good! I LOVE this quote, it is so true! I would probably be a much different person if it weren't for the friends I have, especially in high school! :)